See the Connections in Your Life

It is important to see connections, to see the relationship between events. Whether that relationship is causal or synchronistic, seeing the connection can save your life. It might even save your soul.

Seeing the connection between a decision you made at age 13 and how it influenced where you are at age 26 can help you understand the power of decisions. Seeing the relationship between your dreams and the events of your waking life can help you discover the wisdom of the soul and the pull of destiny. Seeing the connection between your unconscious attitudes and your behavior may spur you to learn more about yourself. Seeing the relationship between rebelliousness and wasted effort may help you discover that you are made to serve something greater than yourself.

Your life is full of connections because all things are in relationship with each other. Seeing connections is at the heart of learning, growing, and, ultimately, surviving. Give time and attention to observing and understanding the connections in your life.

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