Return of the Pharisees

You say you praise the life of Jesus, yet o’er his grave your ego trods.
Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.

If man’s law says keep your distance that you might save a neighbor’s life,
Are you sure you’re meant to disobey and multiply his strife.

You say God is your protector, that assembly’s your right,
You proclaim religious freedom and that to death you’ll proudly fight.

So you gather in your churches and your pastor leads in prayer,
And you’re proud of your defiance, so you flex your muscles there.

You say, “God before the world,” and a higher call you serve,
And you believe that you are faithful, and your intentions they are pure.

But I think you want to make a show as you hawk false righteousness.
You’re on an ego power trip; shall we call you, “Your Highness?”

You read the bible with a tweezers because you sure do pick and choose,
And you miss its real meaning because you haven’t paid your dues.

And you say that you serve God, but it’s God you’d have serve you,
Of humility and love it seems you haven’t got a clue.

You abide by Caesar’s laws when they mesh with your own goals,
But when your ship of fools begins to sink you use God to plug the holes.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.
If you’d praise the life of Jesus first untie your ego knots.

[lyrics by Andy Drymalski. Everything else by luke Drymalski]

Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.
Excerpts may be used provided full and clear credit is given author with link to original article.

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