Your Soul Knows

There is a part of you that knows. It knows who you really are, and it knows when you are not being yourself. It knows what you really love, and what you just want to believe you love. It knows your destiny, and is disappointed when you resist being your true self. You have a soul, and your soul knows.

The reality of the soul is all around you. Why are you drawn to some people or places and not others? Why do you feel passion for one type of work but not another? Why do your dreams repeat themselves until you understand their message? Why do things go poorly, or why do you get depressed when you pursue a path that is not yours? These things occur because you have an individuality and destiny which long to be lived.

When you live from your soul you become an individual. Your values reflect the greater person within you, and there is sincerity to your words and actions because they flow from your heart. But when you don’t live from this core of your being, your life and relationships grow hollow and dry. Though your life may be filled with a lot of activity, you feel unfulfilled and out-of-step. This is because life and creativity flow only through your true self. Everything else is just ego and imitation.

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