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There is a growing hunger in the world, a hunger not of the body but of the soul. Materially satisfied but spiritually starved, more and more people hunger for a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in life. We want to feel connected to others, not just through our phones, but through our hearts. We want to feel called and to know that our life makes a difference. We long to understand more about ourselves, the world, and the recurring patterns that compose our life. Ultimately, most of us hunger for a more conscious and intimate relationship with God.These are the reasons I love Jungian psychology and want to share it with you through this blog. More than any other psychological approach, Jungian psychology respects and honors the reality of God within the psyche. It provides the most comprehensive perspective for understanding the full range of human experience, from relationships and body symptoms through dreams, visions, and your deepest spiritual longings.Jungian psychology awakens you to the reality of God in your life. It helps you to understand the language of the psyche, its goals and ever-evolving nature. Most of all, it helps you to know yourself, who you are and who you are capable of being. This deepened consciousness enriches you for it helps you to become the unique and amazing individual you were created to be.

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