Through Weakness, Strength

In the Indiana Jones film, “The Last Crusade,” Dr. Jones must choose from a number of chalices the one used by Jesus at the last supper. This chalice, the Holy Grail, gives God’s grace and healing to everyone that drinks from it. Dr. Jones must choose the correct one if he is to heal a fatal wound suffered by his father. Although there are many beautiful chalices displayed, he selects the most simple one, made of clay.  This chalice is the Holy Grail.

The idea of God’s grace flowing through a person, or object, of humble origin is not uncommon. The bible has many such references. For example, Jesus was the son of a carpenter and Moses was the son of slaves. The bible also speaks of wisdom coming from the mouths of children, and relates that “the stone which the builders rejected” will become the cornerstone of a new church.

What is the meaning of this theme for our lives? To me, it means that God’s grace and healing often enter our lives through channels we may least expect, or which we may have even devalued. For example, a physical disability may become the seed of your compassion and understanding for other people. A less educated but honest friend might offer a more helpful perspective than the popular motivational speaker that everyone is telling you to see. The employee with fewer credentials but a more caring heart may make the better leader. And your feelings of inadequacy as you take on a more challenging job may help you to carry out your duties in a more humble or caring manner.

So, when looking for guidance on your journey through life, be wary of the popular solution or your usual way of approaching things. Through weakness there can be strength, and through your humanness you draw closer to God.

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