Through Brokenness, Salvation

Broken: not working; in need of repair. Broken has a bad connotation. Things that are broken are often thrown out. Their value drops dramatically. Yet, for individuals who have been living at odds with their deeper self, brokenness can be salvation.

When you are broken, life grinds to a halt. You can feel it shutting down, like a big electric generator groaning to a stop. The will no longer motivates or animates the body. You are depressed, really depressed. Your plans and goals have turned to mist and evaporated away in front of your eyes. You are broken. You feel broken—lost, confused and defeated. When we treat ourselves, or life itself, like a machine we usually end up feeling broken in the end.

Your psyche isn’t a machine but a living being. And it is not there to serve you–your ego–but, rather, you are meant to serve it. When you realize this, in the depths of your brokenness, you open yourself up to transformation, calm, and a bit of peace. You might even experience a very deep peace, born of acceptance and surrender. In the quiet darkness that seems like death, new life takes root. Paradoxically, your brokenness can be essential to the realization of your wholeness. Through brokenness, salvation.

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