Therapy and the Calling to Excel

You were troubled and unhappy and so you sought therapy. Maybe you were depressed or couldn’t sleep. Maybe you were anxious or so distracted you couldn’t get anything done. Whatever your symptoms were, they motivated you to get help. You looked outside yourself for guidance and healing.

In your therapy, if you were lucky, you learned that there was a lot more to you than you originally thought. You may have learned about feelings, attitudes or values that you didn’t realize you had. Your symptoms led to an encounter with the unconscious. You were initiated to the inner world, your deeper values, and the path of your individuality.

You entered therapy with one goal in mind, a goal chosen by your ego. That goal was to make the pain go away, to relieve your symptoms. But your deeper self may have had a different goal. It used your symptoms, your “illness,” to bring you into relationship with itself. It wanted to awaken you to the reality of your soul, your calling, and God.

When your symptoms subside, when the crisis is resolved, your motivation to keep learning may also wane. You face a decision at this time: do you close up shop or do you reinvest yourself in the process of personal growth that you have begun? Your initiation may be an invitation to not just comfortably exist, but to truly excel.

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