The Sands of Time

The older I get the faster time seems to progress. The holiday season is fast approaching and it seems like just a short time ago it was Thanksgiving 2014. Intellectually, I know that there have been many days in-between, and yet, in terms of memories and feelings, it was just yesterday. What accounts for this time warp that I have heard many older people describe as well?

Towards the end of his life Carl Jung reflected that his memories were whittled down to the experiences that most profoundly impacted his life and his understanding of himself. The extraneous particulars and chronological sequences faded into the background, while the events of spiritual and psychological significance rose like islands above an ever-moving sea.

Our lives on this earth are temporary, just a grain of sand on the ocean shores of eternity. What is time to you or me? So many tics on a clock or years passing by? Do these things really mean that much to us in the end? It seems that they don’t since this very linear sense of time crumbles, like a sand castle among the waves, the older we get.

Time is the river that both forms and reveals the landscape of your true self. Time is the heartbeat of your soul.

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