The Psyche Speaks

I met the psyche on the road and she said, you don’t know me.
I am the wind, a river flowing, a lake too deep to sound.
I am the snake that eats its tail, a world without beginning or end.

You think of me and try to see just who or what I am, but your every thought is part of me; I think the thoughts you think of me.

You think you’re separate and independent, my friend how could that be? You’re like a cell within my body; I need your sight, but you’re not me.

My wisdom far surpasses; my destination is unseen. I flow through and around you. I live in you and you in me.

Do you think of me as loving, a supportive and maternal force? Indeed, I am, and want you to grow, to drink deeply from the source.

But I am also the father, with demands, expectations, and goals. Turn towards me a loving heart, obedience and integrity, and I will smile upon your days with generous gifts and ways. But turn your back upon me and you’ve turned my back to thee. In choosing to go your own way, you cleave yourself from me. Oh foolish child, malignant curse, for the reaper now doth hunt. There is a price for denial of me, and that price is your life.

So turn your face upon me, and follow with your heart. I leave a trail of breadcrumbs to guide you to your part. All life and meaning reside in me, and these I share with you, but only when we dance, and you ask me to lead.

Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.
Excerpts may be used provided full and clear credit is given author with link to original article.

2 thoughts on “The Psyche Speaks

  1. Hello-
    Thank you so much for this beautiful poem. So many images came together, and I found a deeper and more intimate sense of Self. I found awe here, in the gift of your words. And also a sense of profound love interwoven in the most painful aspects of Becoming.
    (Oddly- I was also reminded of the lighthouse scenes in the movie Annihilation.)

    Thank you also for your article on animal symbols for the Self (that lead me here). Your response to the young person with the cat dream was equally profound and personal in a way that will stay with me. I thank you for having the ability to respond in an online format in a way will surely be inspiring for many many readers.

    • Thank you CJ for your very thoughtful and generous words, and for taking the time to write them.
      I will keep writing, as you encourage.


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