The Mockery of Love

As you move through life you will encounter people who make a mockery of love. They won’t come out and tell you this. In fact, they may even present themselves as very loving. They may be quick with a smile, a hug, or a “love you” when they say goodbye. But somehow it all seems a bit hollow or insincere.

These people, who could be a friend or a relative—even a child, spouse, or parent—are engaged in a game of pretend. Deep down they don’t really believe in love. They say one thing, but their actions show otherwise. They lie to you or try to manipulate you. They do not show you respect. Their words are empty and their actions are for effect. They want to convince you that they really care about you, but they don’t.

These people live out of their ego without any real connection to their soul. Many will deny that the soul even exists, much less God. Their love is “ego-deep,” which is to say that it’s not love at all, for love can only come from the soul. In fact, they are at war with their soul. Their ego is like a malignant tumor. It seeks to engulf and dominate the larger personality. They want control, not vulnerability. They want power, not love. They want the soul and God to serve them rather than the other way around.

These people derive a hidden pleasure in fooling you. They feel superior to you when they trick you into believing that they genuinely care about you. This affirms their belief that love is for fools, the naïve, the stupid, and suckers. They make a mockery of love because they do not want to serve or be accountable to anyone or anything but themselves. This attitude is the antithesis of love.

It is sad that these people are so blind to the spiritual dimension of the universe and of relationships. But before you start feeling too sorry for them you should keep in mind that any compassion you show them will just be used as further proof of your gullibility. They will eat it up, pretend that they are touched, and then laugh all the way home.

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