Living Life God’s Way

Have you had enough of the ego’s way? Are you tired of the boredom, loneliness, depression and anxiety that characterize a life built around the ego? Are you ready to move beyond the surface of things to discover a deeper source of meaning, value and purpose in life? Perhaps it is time to start doing things God’s way.

To do God’s will is to know that there is a natural process trying to unfold in your life. When you live life God’s way you become midwife to this unfolding. You flow with life rather than imposing your own will upon it. You ask yourself, “What is God’s goal in this moment?”

To do it God’s way is to look beyond your ego to what is trying to happen in your life. You do this by paying attention to the signs that life gives you. Your dreams can be an invaluable source of guidance in this regard. You may also turn to your deeper self through contemplation, meditation, or prayer. Pay attention to synchronicities and other life events which encourage or discourage a certain path. Sometimes your path will be writ large upon the guideposts of your life. At other times it will be communicated through that small voice within.

Doing it God’s way brings excitement and a more dynamic relationship to life. You experience life as an adventure when you allow yourself to be guided by a wisdom and power far greater than yourself. You become part of a bigger project, something of substance and value which requires your unique gifts for its completion.

When you follow God’s path you are never alone because you are always connected to a spirit and sense of purpose that abide with you even in the darkest of times. Rather than running from solitude, you embrace it. You seek a deeper communion with your soul. In addition, there is a feeling of integrity and substance to your being, for you are choosing to become an individual rather than a clone. When you do it God’s way you find the magic in life. You work with your destiny rather than against it.

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