Live Big, Love Big

Too often you get used to living small when you ought to be living big. For whatever reason you decide it’s ok to be less than who you really are. Perhaps you settle for the answers of others rather than those that come from your own experience and soul. Maybe you convince yourself that you are happy or content when you are not. You fib to yourself about what you really want, see, or feel. You try to believe that the way others live is sufficient for you as well, or you tell yourself that you don’t need to be responsible to your own feelings, beliefs, or gifts. One way or another you accept the God you’ve been given rather than discover the God that only you can know.

When we live small, we also love small. You can’t love fully if you are not being yourself. To love big is to love life and its unfolding. It means playing the game with passion and fighting with conviction.

Your life is meant to be lived Big, in the service of something greater than yourself. It will involve risks, courage, and faith in its value and deeper purpose. Your life is meant to be filled with Big love, a love that reaches to the depth of your being with gratitude and obedience to your true self and God.

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