Is God a Blind and Sleeping Slug?

Is God a blind and sleeping slug,
an unconscious and amoral being
whose only eyes are the eyes of man?

Does he move about in a blundering stupor,
waiting for man to take his hand
and guide him to the path of Goodness?

Are we God’s teacher,
more noble than our creator,
the grand and missing link to consciousness?

“Here I am to save the day, to tame the chaos,
to transform and bring dignity to God.”
or so some say.

But God’s morality far precedes us.
We discover, we do not create,
our soul’s code.

Dreams come unbidden, but with intention.
They repeat until we understand.
God has a goal for us.

We may cooperate and assist with our life’s path,
but we do not create or control it.
It is there before us, before our consciousness of it.

God is not a being we bring to consciousness.
Rather, He is the Other that prods us to consciousness.
The one who lets us experience the consequences of our own wrong morality,
so that we might discover and conform ourselves to His.

Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.
Excerpts may be used provided full and clear credit is given author with link to original article.

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