Every Life has a Porpoise

A woman who was feeling disconnected from her soul had the following dream: “I see a porpoise, but it’s on land instead of water. I am concerned because I know that unless it gets some water it will die. I find a container which, strangely, opens up into a large bag filled with water. I take it to the porpoise and he is able to drink from it.”

The dream depicts this woman’s inner situation. As an intelligent creature of the ocean, the porpoise is a symbol of the spontaneous life and wisdom of the soul. In the dream it is separated from its natural environment and at risk of dying. Likewise, the dreamer’s life has become spiritually arid and her lifeline to her soul is in danger. She is able to provide it some water, but the dream shows this to be a temporary and artificial fix. Ultimately, the porpoise needs to be in its natural environment. If the dreamer can become more in touch and at home with her unconscious, her relationship to her soul can be revived and deepened. This will provide a renewed sense of value and purpose to her life.

You have probably experienced times in your life when, like this woman, you have felt disconnected from your soul. Life loses its vibrancy and meaning. You lack direction and enthusiasm, or feel isolated and alone. When this happens, it is important to take heart and not be discouraged. Remember to laugh, remember to play, and most of all, remember that every life has a porpoise.

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