Don’t Fear the Reaper

A woman dreamed, “Some women are picking out drab and uninspiring clothes for me to wear. I would feel pretty much invisible if I wore them. I get angry and tell them I won’t wear those clothes. They get angry in return, rip the clothes off of me, and smear green and black paint on my face and body. Then they crucify me.”

This dream is about having the courage to make an important change in life. Sometimes your battles are more within yourself than with others. This woman tended to be compliant and agreeable even when this was not how she really felt. The dream was challenging her to wrestle with the inner attitudes that keep her from claiming her full stature and potential.

The women in the dream act as adversaries, pushing her to fight back. When she does they remove her clothes—symbols of her old self—and cover her with paint, as if she is now a primitive warrior. She will need her warrior instincts to make the courageous changes required of her. The dream culminates in her crucifixion, a symbolic death she must endure in order to be reborn.

There are times when your usual way of living and relating to people must change. This may seem like a death but, fortunately, it is not fatal. And when you get through it, life opens up for you in a new and vibrant way. So when your time comes, grab a hold and don’t delay!

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