Do It God’s Way

On the battlefield,
bullets whizzing past my ears,
a war which I created
through rebelliousness and obstinance.
Chaos reigns supreme
and none of it will end
until I cry uncle,
and God my service lend,
and to God’s will I bend.
The psyche will not be put off
or in hubris be ignored,
and every last penny shall be paid,
before my soul’s restored.

Willfulness and disobedience separate you from God and from your soul. Your life goes awry. Conflict and frustration dog you. The more you try to avoid God’s intended path for you, the more push-back you get, the more you compromise your soul, the more superficial your life and relationships become. You’ve entered a war, a war within your soul, within your dreams, and in your outer life.

Why subject yourself to this? Why create unnecessary pain and harm? Reconsider the path you have taken and see where it diverges from God’s intended path for you. Then turn yourself around and do it God’s way. Life has enough challenges without creating unnecessary ones.

Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.
Excerpts may be used provided full and clear credit is given author with link to original article.

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