Democracy on Life Support

(sound of ventilator turning/merging into human voice) …goes the mechanical lung;
trying to keep a soul from stepping off the last rung;
wait a minute, Baby, please don’t leave us here;
or is this the price we pay for not holding you more dear?

Listen to me brother, sister, check it out;
the time is well past nigh for us to turn about;
someone that we love is now on life support:
too bad that with the devil we chose to consort.

Her heart is growing weaker and her consciousness fades;
our sins have left the door open so darkness invades;
we’ve made a horrid, deadly mess, now can’t you see?
The woman on the gurney is Democracy!

She tried to warn us of this but we refused to hear.
“The economy’s doing great, Baby, what’s to fear?”
But ‘round the world the devil’s henchmen built their thrones;
so as the virus spreads we’ll all be short on stones.

We’ve got Donald Trump; in Russia Putin’s their guy;
Philippines have Duterte and India has Modi;
While Orban and Bolsonaro work to tighten the screw;
the Israeli P.M.’s pissed because he’s Not-on-yahoo!

The virus waves a red flag and dominates the news;
and the power-hungry leaders carry out their ruse;
they vilify reporters and discourage the vote;
they clearly have Democracy by the throat.

[Words by Andy Drymalski; music by Luke Drymalski; performed by Luke Drymalski]

Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.
Excerpts may be used provided full and clear credit is given author with link to original article.

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