Chairman of the Bored

How do you make decisions? Are you the “decider,” as George W. Bush once referred to himself? Do you have a cabinet or board over which you preside? Is your soul on your board? Does God sit at your conference table offering His recommendations. Do you take what He says under advisement?

Your ego likes to be in this position. It likes to play Chairman of the Board. It prides itself on the fact that it listens to the little people. It is proud of the fact that it has pursued diversity among those on its board, and it is especially proud of the fact that it has included a spiritual representative. Even God has been invited to offer His two cents.

Perhaps your ego feels justified in being the chairman. God is too idealistic, it thinks. God has good ideas but they’re just not practical. Your ego will refine the suggestions of your soul into a more reasonable and practical plan of action for, after all, your ego knows best. It knows what can be done and what can’t be done. God’s a nice addition to the board, but He’s a bit out of touch with the times and how life really works.

The problem with this type of mentality, of course, is that your ego has no real creativity in itself. It is not meant to make the decisions so much as to carry them out. As Chairman of the Board, its decisions are by their very nature lifeless and insipid, bland and predictable, uninspired and generally repressive. To the rest of the personality the ego’s position is more aptly entitled Chairman of the Bored.

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