Behind the Eyes is the Soul

Behind your eyes lies the soul. And the eyes may see one thing but the soul sees another.

Behind the mind is the soul. They are not the same and often have very different viewpoints. The mind thinks that it is in charge. Some minds do not even acknowledge the existence of the soul. The soul makes note of the mind as a wise teacher makes note of the learning styles of a new student.

The eyes of the soul are fixed upon God and the work it has been given to complete. The soul hears what the ears do not hear. It sees what the eyes do not see. It understands and feels what the mind cannot grasp. It knows who can be trusted and who cannot. It can distinguish sincerity from insincerity, love from empty words and gestures, gold from fool’s gold, and God from fool’s God.

When you talk to someone, you interact as two persons, sharing thoughts and ideas. But from behind the eyes of each of you peers a soul, watchful, observant, determining when it might be helpful to come forward and make itself known.

Copyright © Andy Drymalski, Ed.D.
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