The Psyche as Mirror

Treat the psyche with love and you will receive its support and nourishment in return. Run from it and it becomes a threatening pursuer. Stop and face it and it is immediately less threatening. A man who was afraid of horses dreamed he was in a room with a white horse. Overcoming his fear he went up to the horse, hugged it and kissed it on the head. The horse immediately changed into a beautiful young woman. The horse symbolized his psyche, and in showing it affection rather than fear his relationship to his deeper self was transformed. It became more approachable and loving.

The attitudes and values that you embody in your relationship with God are reflected back to you. If you have a friendly and respectful attitude towards your soul you will be drawn into relationship with others of a similar attitude. On the other hand, if you treat your psyche as a plaything and object of self-gratification, such as through drug abuse, you will likely become the slave and plaything of the very drugs you use. Ignore, belittle, or mock the psyche and you will experience its dark side. Your quality and depth of life decrease in reverse proportion to your arrogance and egocentricity.

Listen to the psyche and it will speak to you. Demand answers of it and it will remain silent. Have faith in its wisdom and it will reveal to you your purpose and path. Deny its existence and your life and relationships will become increasingly shallow.

The psyche is ever-awake, ever-responsive, ever-focused, and forever your teacher. Get to know it. Respect it. Learn its language, and it will teach you about life.

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