Sitting out the Game of Life

Some people choose not to participate in the game of life. They find it easier to sit in the stands–or not go to the stadium at all–than to risk losing, or winning. What they don’t understand is that even the “losers” win on life’s playing field.

To put yourself out there, perchance to win, may upset the apple cart. You may not be liked. Others may be jealous or resentful of you. Most people aren’t motivated enough to pursue the gold in life. So if you are pursuing the gold, you may irritate them. If you are playing hard, they may start to feel that perhaps they could be playing harder. But that would take effort and sacrifice and risk, and they may not like those things. They don’t want to be reminded of what they could be, especially if they’ve earlier chosen to cash in their chips and stay with what they’ve been.

When you put yourself in the game of life you challenge yourself to a higher level of development and performance. You place a bet and try to win that bet. You commit to a goal and the effort it may take to achieve it. You may not succeed in the way that you wanted, but if you tried—if you at least went for the gold—you engaged with life and you learned. Learning and maturing are the essence of winning in this life.

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