Inner Civil Rights

A man dreamed, “I’m with two black men who are going to a civil rights demonstration. It is clear that they are going to get beat up. Although I respect their courage and convictions, I think they are foolish to put themselves through this. I think their sacrifices will have very little impact.”

You may not be conscious of it, but there is always a fight for civil rights in your life. The government of your ego is always somewhat closed-minded, rejecting or neglecting a part of your soul. Your ego grows rigid and out-of-touch with the voice of the “people,” your inner self. And so the oppressed demonstrate through your dreams and your symptoms, your relationships, and other life events. They demonstrate for freedom, inclusion, and your growth as a person. Sometimes nothing short of rebellion will re-orient and transform a one-sided and repressive ego.

At these points of your life you are challenged to take a stand, to sacrifice your lesser self for your greater self. Will you honor the calling of your soul, or will you side with the ego in favor of the status quo? A part of you may be tempted to say, as was the dreamer above, “Why bother? It won’t help. It will be sacrifice without reward.” Don’t believe it. In the civil rights movement of your soul, the stand you take and your commitment to it mean everything. You always hold the deciding vote.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Skip. I think that as individuals become more aware of this dynamic within themselves, they will be more conscious and less easily manipulated by it outside of themselves.

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