God’s Way

To do it God’s way is to be obedient to the process that is trying to unfold in your life. It means following the Tao and honoring the path of your soul. It means making yourself accountable to a power greater than yourself. It is the only life you really have to live. Everything else is filler and fluff.

Doing it God’s way is often difficult, humbling, and transformative. Here are some questions that can help you understand the path of God. Are you willing to stand up for a reality that others don’t see and often don’t care to see? Are you willing to suspend your plans at a moment’s notice when you find a different path is indicated? Are you willing to listen to another person’s actions more than their words? Do you truly long to see the truth about yourself, others, and the world? Are you willing to weather the disapproval that will come from standing up for an honest rather than phony relationship? Are you willing to believe before you understand? Can you put your soul before your mind?

There is a whole different world out there, one that will take you away from the world you know, and then place you back in it, transformed, with new eyes and ears, mind and heart. You will have a new understanding of the meaning and purpose of your life, and of life itself. And the food you once ate will no longer nourish you. And the relationships you had must either grow or die. The family you had will be replaced by your spiritual family. You will be like a branch removed from one tree only to be grafted onto the tree of life. You will be fed by this tree and you will help to feed this tree.

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