Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

“Feel the fear, and do it anyway,” let this be your motto.* When there is something you feel called to do, but you’re afraid you might fail, acknowledge your fear and do it anyways. Let courage and faith be your companions in life.

There will be times when your soul asks you to do things that seem very difficult or impractical. Your initial response might be “no way,” “can’t afford it,” or “it will never work.” Acknowledge your doubts and reluctance, but do it anyways. Your soul has a more complete picture of reality than your rational mind. It knows what you don’t know. Have faith and listen to your soul. Take the risk of doing what feels right.

It has been said that the safest path is the one with the greatest risk. What a paradoxical idea. Yet, because life wants you to become the unique individual you were created to be, the conventional path will never do. To be a person of integrity and character is a rarity, a statistical oddity.  But it is also your destiny. If you really want to live your life, you have no choice but to take the big risks. Lesser risks come at a price, and that price is your soul.


*Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway is the title of a book on facing your fears by Susan J. Jeffers, PhD.

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