Doing it God’s Way

To do it God’s way, or not do it God’s way, that is the question. It is important to choose carefully, for your answer will have a profound effect upon your life.

There are two main paths you can follow in life: the way of the world or the way of God. God’s way is the way of your soul, your dreams, and that small voice within. It is the path of your destiny. The way of the world, on the other hand, is more of a “one size fits all” approach. It places the values of society over those of your soul. And while it may provide the stamp of others’ approval, it often does so at the expense of your individuality and deeper values.

I know a woman who is called to write. She is a natural at writing, and life has been asking her to do more and more of it. Two months ago her computer stopped working. She tried to buy a new one on a payment plan through Dell, but it fell through due to her bankruptcy status. She was devastated and began to question whether or not she was meant to keep writing. We discussed the situation and she decided to keep writing and wait for an answer. A week or two later, while waiting to meet a friend for lunch in a casino, she put $10.00 in a slot machine and won $500.00. This amount was equal to the cost of the laptop she had earlier tried to buy. Life supported her in her path at a time when she was just about to give up.

Fast forward two months, this same woman wanted to take a creative writing class at the local community college. The $400.00 tuition was a problem, however. The school wanted her entire payment up front and she did not have the money. Again she became disheartened and questioned whether it was what she was supposed to do. At this time she had a dream that a dog she once owned became aggressive towards her. The dream reflected how her thought of not taking the class put her in conflict with her deeper instincts. She made the decision to sign up for the class and worry about how to pay for it later. Shortly thereafter she received an unexpected check for $406.00 from her former mortgage company as penalty assessed in a class action lawsuit. This timely surprise was accompanied by a dream the following night in which a loyal dog was at her side everywhere she went. The unexpected check and her dreams illustrate that when we stand by our deeper self, it stands by us.

When you do it God’s way, you give priority to the promptings and guidance of your soul. Your journey may not be punctuated with slot machine wins and unexpected checks, but you will be supported according to your own needs. Life requires faith and the awareness that God does not call you to things that you cannot achieve.

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