Discover the Vision that Brought You Here

It’s important to have a vision, a picture of what the future can be, and what you can be. A vision provides food for your journey. A vision draws you to itself.

The New Age talks a lot about having a vision. For example, the “Law of Attraction” stresses the importance of having a vision of your desired future, holding it in your thoughts, and thereby drawing it to yourself. The problem with this is that not all visions provide true nourishment. Some visions come from your ego, and some from your soul. Some may be rooted in a desire for power or control. Others flow from a place of love, growth and genuine creativity.

It seems that some visions are born with you into the world. They flow from your destiny and draw you to your destiny at the same time. An authentic vision speaks the truth of your soul. It moves you towards the fullness of your being and the development of your gifts. It helps you find your place in the world, and gives you hope in getting there. The guiding vision of your life is not created or manufactured; it is discovered. Make the effort to discover and reflect upon yours.

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