The Importance of Your Fournancial Development

A woman who needed to make an important decision regarding a monetary investment had the following dream. A man says to me I must work on my ‘fournancial’ development. I wonder if I mis-heard him, but he just repeats the word ‘fournancial.’

Your dreammaker is clever and sometimes uses puns, strange spellings, and words with double meanings to convey an idea, or to pose a riddle. The use of the word ‘fournancial’ is an example. The number four is a common symbol for wholeness and the Self (personality core). It sometimes also symbolizes the feminine. Thus, the man is instructing the dreamer to enlarge her perspective beyond the financial, beyond mere numbers and logic.

Too often we rely solely on our mind to make our financial decisions. We use ego rationality and ego practicality to determine our path. But when such decisions are cutoff from the soul, heart, and your deeper values and calling, they can lead you to the wrong place. A fournancial perspective reorients you to God and the development of your personality. Fournancial decisions go beyond accounting, the “bottom line,” and societal dogma about what is most important in life. The fournancial viewpoint is more concerned with the deeper reasons you are here and the gifts you are meant to share with the world. It is concerned with the attainment of your destiny, which is the only real investment that God will ultimately and fully support. When you pursue this path with sincerity and commitment, life provides the resources necessary for your journey.

How is your fournancial status today?

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