Processed American Cheese: Debates and the Media

Processed American cheese. Who knows what it’s made of, but it comes in convenient, individually-wrapped slices. It passes for cheese and it’s edible. What more could you want?

I watched 10 minutes of a presidential debate, but I probably didn’t even need to watch that. No sooner had it ended than I was “assaulted” by a panel of “experts” summarizing and explaining to me everything I needed to know about what the candidates said. One candidate came on too strong, the other one looked confident and composed, etc. Even my hometown newspaper informed me the following morning, “Clash Yields No Clear Winner.” An hour-long debate promptly analyzed, interpreted, processed and packaged for the viewer. Just add water, heat, and serve.

I guess it’s not bad enough that the candidates don’t directly or specifically answer any question put to them. Instead, they take you on a tour bus loop through their well-rehearsed talking points. The media builds upon this insult by quickly framing, shaping, coloring, toning, smoothing out and plasticizing everything you just heard and saw. They want to do your thinking for you. They don’t want time for things to settle out in your own mind, feelings, gut, or intuition. That would allow you to draw your own conclusions. You might become aware of something that they don’t want you to see, realize, or feel.

The government and the media, and the corporations that drive them, don’t want you making your own food. They want you to take it straight from them, pre-processed and pre-digested, in nice, pre-packaged slices. Heaven forbid we become a nation of free and creatively-thinking individuals. The mainstream media is doing its part to help us become obedient zombies. Corporate America wants processed American cheese—where all consumers and voters are identical, brainless, and conveniently wrapped in cellophane.

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