Panning the Gold that lies Within

Although the Sierra Nevada gold rush played itself out some 150 years ago, opportunities to harvest gold still abound. There are rich deposits yet to be mined, and they are closer than the ground beneath your feet. This gold lies within you, and it longs to be unearthed.

The world calls out for a new generation of miners, individuals who are willing to dig into the soil of their soul, shine a lantern into the darkness of the unknown, and sift sparkling nuggets from the streambed of their dreams. The gold of metal is beautiful and rare, but it is as common as sand compared to a person that honors their soul and pursues the fullness of their destiny. This person is an individual in the deepest sense of the word. In a world that bombards with pressures and instructions on how to live and how to fit in, it is a rare person who becomes most fully herself.

It takes courage to mine the gold that lies within. But only this gold carries the values, vision, and creative spark of God, transferred through the vessel of the human soul. Against the white noise and blurred vision of society, these individuals provide an invaluable gift to the world. They bring a living relationship with God.

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