God Trumps All Odds

Tom didn’t think he would be able to get a job. At age 58, with graying hair and a noticeable limp from an old back injury, he figured most employers would see him as a liability rather than an asset to their organization. But when he walked into the lobby of a small company looking for someone to help manage their warehouse, he was surprised by an unfamiliar feeling of “coming home.” There was a sense of destiny present which his strongly rational mind took note of but mostly tried to disregard. Nonetheless, the feeling of relaxedness persisted through a sequence of three interviews and he eventually won the job with an effortlessness that he had not experienced in other application attempts.

We tend to make a lot of assumptions about life and what the future holds for us based upon statistics and conventional “wisdom”. Many people read data on hiring trends, such as how difficult it can be for people of a certain age or education level to find work, and become discouraged. We make assumptions that what is true for others will be true for us. We forget that statistics and the laws of probability describe groups, not the individuals within a group.

Albert Einstein once said that “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.” Neither does He play it with your life. Demographic, employment, economic, and other statistics reveal trends which, in the final analysis, may be entirely irrelevant to your specific situation. This is because your psychological and spiritual process defines the boundaries of what is possible and not possible in your future. If it is your destiny to become a doctor, to establish a successful business, to be married, or to raise two healthy children all by yourself, the deck is stacked in your favor. It doesn’t mean that your path will be easy, but it does mean that if you are willing to do your part and make the necessary sacrifices, your dream is attainable.

The primary determinant of what is possible in your future is not the statistical trends of people like yourself, but, rather, the developmental process that is trying to unfold in your life. It was the flowing together of Tom’s psychological process and its synchronistic reception in the outer world that gave him the feeling of destiny when he interviewed for the warehouse position. Destiny is all around you, waiting to be discovered. You will be more open to your personal destiny when you realize that, when it comes to what is possible in life, God trumps all odds.

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