For the Psychopath, Life is a Game Without Rules

Life does not evolve by itself. Evil evolves with it. Wherever there is a surplus or wealth of life, a predator will come along to claim its share. For example, I know a man who runs a small business. He hired a woman to work as a receptionist and regretted his decision almost immediately. On her first day of work she provoked conflict with her coworkers. In addition, the little work she did was far below the abilities implied in her resume. She gave the impression she wanted to be fired, so he obliged. The very next day she sued the company for wrongful termination.

This woman was a scammer. Suing businesses was how she “earned” her living. It was her game, or, at least, it was a game to her. My acquaintance was lucky. He was able to terminate her because she lied on her job application. She denied being a felon. Were it not for this, his business would have had to pay her a sizeable sum of money just to avoid a more expensive legal battle. The fact that her accusations were bogus really didn’t matter, and she knew it. A few weeks later he saw her in the grocery store. She cheerfully approached him and said she hoped there were no hard feelings about her little charade. She then went on her merry way.

For the psychopath, life has always been and always will be a game without rules. In the age of the psychopath you can start to think that you’re the one that’s crazy. You’re not used to being with people that are so comfortable with dishonesty, stealing, and manipulation. You think to yourself, they’re so at ease with themselves, they must have a clear conscience. Actually, what they have is no conscience at all.

How do you deal with someone like this? Try not to deal with them at all. Become a zoologist of the soul. Get to know life’s predators, and then avoid them like the plague. If you are already in a close relationship with one, carefully consider how best to extricate yourself. Don’t imagine that you will somehow change them. You may think that you speak the same language and live in the same world, but you do not.

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