Even in Darkness God is Present

In times of spiritual trial you may question the meaning, purpose, and value of your life. You may feel empty, lonely, or abandoned. Like a river damned up or a well run dry, you feel cutoff and disconnected from the flow of life. At these times it is important to remember that God, like the sun, does not cease to exist when darkness falls. Even periods of great inner struggle bear witness to the reality of God.

Would you feel empty if there wasn’t a space in your heart meant to hold something greater than yourself?

Would you hunger for meaning if something besides relationship with God could nourish your soul?

Would you feel so lonely in the presence of others if there wasn’t something even more important which called you to companionship?

You would not feel disconnected from life if life was not meant to flow through you.

You would not feel that something is missing if there wasn’t more you were meant to be living.

In light and dark, in joy and sadness, we are always in relationship with God. If we do not know Him in our fullness, we know Him by our hunger.

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