Climbing the Inner Mountain

It seems we all have a mountain to climb. It is the mountain of our soul, our destiny, our life’s work. It is the mountain within, and many of us may not even realize that we are climbing it. On the other hand, there are some that know it’s there, but choose not to climb it.

It is a mountain of trials and struggles, laughter and tears. The air gets thinner the higher you go, each step more difficult and painful, each breath more labored, but each view more beautiful and encompassing.

We learn to economize as we climb this mountain. Unnecessary weight is discarded, unnecessary movement dispensed. Slowly the egocentricity of youth is sloughed off. We learn that egocentricity is an indulgence and baggage that impedes our progress. We only get to the top when we are willing to let go of wasteful and unnecessary attachments.

This is the mountain of life’s journey and the lessons we are meant to learn while here. You don’t always realize you are climbing it, but each step you take, every decision you make, will move you closer to the top, or not.

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