About Andy Drymalski

Dr. Andy Drymalski is a Nevada licensed psychologist and Jungian psychologist in private practice. He has been providing psychotherapy in Reno and Carson City, Nevada since 1997. He also offers out-of-state therapy sessions by phone.

Dr. Drymalski’s areas of specialization include psychotherapy for depression, anxiety, personal growth, life transition issues, grief and loss, and Jungian dream analysis. His professional/educational interests include end-of-life and near death experiences.

Dr. Drymalski received his Master of Science (M.S.) in Counseling from South Dakota State University (1992), and his Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Psychology and Counseling from the University of South Dakota (1995).

“Dr. Andy” is originally from Chicago, Illinois.

Visit Andy’s website at RenoCarsonPsychologist.com